Q+A: What's Next for Inside the Blended Workshop in the 2021-2022 School Year?

Details about changes to our community!

Q: Rebekah, it’s been one year of Inside the Blended Workshop! What can I expect as a member of this community next year? What’s the same? What’s new? -Rebekah


Yes, this is a question I have asked myself one million times over the last 11 months since I first conceived of this little community.

I knew early last summer — out of my soul-deep love for teachers and my complete lack of control over life — that I wanted to do something to make teachers’ lives and school years easier. What do teachers always need and want most? Stuff and other teachers. Help and community.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this group — writing for you, making things for you, chatting with you — has been the joy of my school year. More than that, it has helped me survive this school year.

My husband has joked that this has been my “Alexander Hamilton” year. As in, “Why do you write like you’re running out of time? … How do you write like you need it to survive? How do you write every second you’re alive?”

But, truly, I think this year “I wrote my way out.”

I guess all this is to say: thank you. Thank you for keeping me afloat this year.

So, what does that mean for the future?

Well, like all good things, it’s a good idea to think about what worked for all of us, what didn’t, and what we now realize we want for the future. I’ve surveyed members, chatted via Facebook + email, thought about what’s meaningful and sustainable, and here’s what the future looks like:

The group is the same, but the name changes.

For all kinds of reasons, it makes sense to formally, officially fold this group under the Moving Writers umbrella. So this group will stay the same, emails will still come to your inbox, archives will still be on Substack, but instead of the Inside the Blended Workshop Community, we are, as of August 1, the Moving Writers Community.

Monthly units

One of the things you’ve told me you love most about being a part of this group is the access to new monthly reading and writing units. So that will absolutely continue!

You’ve also asked for help organizing all these materials. For the last two months, I have been cross-posting units in Gumroad so that you can download everything in one spot AND easily see units in one place.

In addition to new units, you will also always have access to the unit archives!

Monthly Q+A with downloadable resources

We will also continue to have a monthly Q+A! I love hearing what you need — what’s most helpful to you. I am also going to pack these Q+As with additional downloadable resources for your classroom.

1 Moving Writers PD for free (a $20-35 value!)

Moving Writers has been dipping its toes (and feet, and legs) into the online professional development world this year, and it has been so much fun to see so many of you in learning sessions together!

For the coming school year, being a member of this group entitles you to ONE free Moving Writers professional development webinar! There will be a procedure for accessing this, and I’ll share the how-tos with you when I share fall PD opportunities.

Come to my class (+ my plan book) every day

SO many of your questions this year have revolved around my favorite teaching topic: planning.

I’ve shared unit plans as well as big broad thinking and mapping about planning overall. But I receive lots of “But how does this fit into your planner?” and “Okay, but what does this look like in 60 minutes on a Tuesday?” questions.

Next year, I’m opening a window on my actual, factual plan book. Members will have access to a private Instagram account where I will make a daily post showing what happened in each of my preps that day and a weekly post where I show you my literal planner for the coming week.

Not on Instagram? No worries! I will post these in a biweekly digest here in Substack so that it will come straight to your email!

A New Posting Schedule

All of this means a new posting schedule! (I think it’s very possible this schedule means more to me than anyone else, but there is also someone out there who wants to know, right?!)

Quarterly Live Hangouts

We will STILL meet once a quarter on Zoom to brainstorm, share, support one another, and enjoy community together.

Moving the conversation to Substack comments

I feel confident saying that those of us who have participated in the Facebook group have loved the community, support, and brainstorming there. But while we have over 300 members, only 140 of us are in the Facebook group.

Also, there are just lots of reasons to not like Facebook.

So, I’m going to suspend the Facebook group on August 1, and we will move forward with the conversation HERE. All in one place. So everyone can see it. I will make space each month for you to ask questions of one another, offer resources, and get help!

Making the Transition

I’ve also decided that I’m going to take July off. Let’s call it a chance for both you and me to get caught up on content from the last 11 months. Let’s call it a breather.

I will also be moving our resources from the newsletter, units, and Q+A over to Gumroad for one-stop downloading, and getting the new-and-improved community set up on the Moving Writers website.

NEW content will resume on AUGUST 7 when you will receive a unit, details about accessing free PD, and more!

Okay, what do you think? What’s best about these updates? Leave me a comment — now or anytime this summer! I’ll miss hearing from you in July! And share the new details of our group with a friend or colleague who might be interested in joining us!

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